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The slip friction and the slip resistance are safety-relevant properties. The slip friction, also coefficient of friction, is tested in dry condition and defines the technical class DS.
The slip resistance is tested in the inclined ramp and indicates the slip resistance classes R 9 to R 13 for working areas. In wet barefoot areas, classes A, B and C are given.

Suitable product types

  • Coatings
  • Resilient floor coverings
  • Modular floor coverings with mechanical locking system (MMF)
  • Laminate floor coverings
  • Parquet and wood flooring
  • Underlays

Testing Properties

  • EN 13893: Determination of the coefficient of friction
  • EN 16165: Determination of slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces (formerly DIN 51130 and DIN 51097)
  • DIN 51130: Determination of the expansion space


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