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We are the institute for research, testing and certification in Europe for indoor building products. With our developments, we shape the future and enable manufacturers of building and furnishing products to manufacture responsibly and sustainably – for the living and working of tomorrow. The commitment and competence of our employees will continue to ensure the quality of our actions in the future. 

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See, feel, get to know – showrooms at the TFI

Welcome to the new showrooms at TFI, your platform for exchange and inspiration. In our first showroom, we present samples and demonstrators from current and completed research projects with a focus on sustainability and technology development. The second showroom shows temporary external exhibitions; currently "Healthy Materials" by RAUMPROBE Materialbank, which presents innovative and environmentally friendly building products. Our showrooms promote inspiration and cooperation and offer companies a platform to present new products and technologies. Visit us and let us inspire you!

TFI successfully completes research project

For this purpose, innovative bicomponent yarns with a core made of conventional polyamide 6 and a shell made of phosphorus-modified polyamide 6 were developed. The tufted textile floor coverings could be bonded using a hot melt adhesive, so that the wear layer and backing could be separated after usage. Based on the results of the Radiant Panel fire tests, the floor coverings developed in this way were able to achieve a fire class (Bfl-s1) suitable for official buildings. Two demonstrators were tested in a practical section and after three months of use, no change in appearance or delamination of the back could be detected. The wear layer and the backing were successfully separated using a hot calender.

TFI successfully completes research project

Innovative helix yarns with a metal core and a corresponding acoustomechanical cleaning process were developed.
The helix yarns consist of a metal core surrounded by carpet yarns in a two-stage, counter-rotating reversing direction. In addition, a new type of pile fixation and backing coating was developed.
Suitable process control was determined for acoustomechanical cleaning. The helix yarn structure with metal yarn has a positive effect on the cleaning effect.
The findings were scaled up to a functional model and improvement approaches were formulated. The potential for a doubling of surface area performance and a significant reduction in the use of cleaning agents and water was identified.


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