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Our mission

We shape the future through creative research. Through our testing and certification, we ensure safe, comfortable and healthy interiors.
We work together for mutual success: with our customers, employees and partners.

Our vision

We are the institute for research, testing and certification in Europe for building products for furnishing and designing interiors. With our developments, we shape the future and enable manufacturers of building and furnishing products to manufacture responsibly and sustainably - for the living and working of tomorrow. The commitment and competence of our employees will continue to ensure the quality of our actions in the future.

Our values

People always come first for us - regardless of whether they are customers, employees or partners. Research, testing and certification are all about supporting manufacturers and consumers. Competent and committed employees make this possible.


Dr. phil. Jacqueline Lemm


Phone: +49 241 9679-115


The TFI is independent and is guided by the fundamental values of our society. Honesty, respect, loyalty, quality, trust and responsibility are the foundation for achieving outstanding results. We deliver what we promise and only promise what we can deliver.

We live togetherness, promote equal opportunities and enable family-friendly working.

For these reasons, people - clients, employees and partners - enjoy coming to TFI.

Corporate Social Responsibility

TFI is committed to the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and focuses not only on consumer and environmental protection in its traditional fields of activity, but also on assessing and promoting sustainability. The Institute is also committed to its corporate and social responsibility in the sense of shaping social, ecological and economic sustainability. Therefore, we have created our Code of Conduct as a voluntary commitment. You can download it as a pdf under the LINK.

Social responsibility

We live family friendliness. By creating suitable framework conditions, we take individual life situations into account and enable our employees to achieve a better work-life balance. This includes, among other things, a high degree of flexibility in the organisation of working hours as well as the possibility to work part-time or in a home office.


Equal treatment and equal opportunities for male and female employees are also important to us. For example, the proportion of female employees is currently 54 % and the proportion of female managers is 50 %.


TFI also pays attention to sustainability in procurement. We procure our energy, electricity and gas from certified suppliers according to ecological criteria. We select our partners for the procurement of office supplies and consumables according to environmental criteria and social aspects. When purchasing, we make sure that products and services come from our region wherever possible.

Energy and environment

It is our goal to develop a sustainable energy concept in which the aspects of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies play a major role. For example, we are currently investing in a photovoltaic system to strengthen our sustainable use of resources and to achieve the goal of emission neutrality.


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