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People & Space

The People & Space area of expertise deals with the impact of space on people:

How should rooms be designed, e.g. in terms of health & wellbeing? What are "healthy living" materials / building products that should ideally be used? Using methods from architectural and spatial sociology as well as synaesthetic design, we deal with the topic in publicly funded projects or in research and development commissions from our clients and publish articles, podcasts and invite people to information events in this area.


When developing innovative production technologies and concepts for recycling-friendly product designs and when using new materials, the impact on the environment and economic efficiency are crucial for the efficient use of resources. This is why we integrate ecological (LCA) and economic (LCC) assessments into the R&D process, which identify the potential for corrective measures during the project implementation phase.


Digitalization is the basic prerequisite for remaining competitive in the current and future market. This runs through the entire value chain, from raw materials to production and technology. Analog and measurable values and parameters must be digitally recorded and prepared for subsequent processes. One of our tasks is therefore to record and digitize all material and process variables. We also highlight the opportunities that digitalization offers companies and support them in implementing their own projects. In this way, we create the conditions for greater productivity, sustainability and flexibility.

Technical innovation

Innovations are the driving force for securing jobs and production sites. TFI supports industry in the field of technical innovation through public and contract-based research in the areas of product development, mechanical engineering, process optimization and the development of testing and measurement technology. In close cooperation with our industrial partners, we analyze the challenges posed, develop proposed solutions and implement them on a laboratory scale. In the subsequent implementation phase in industry, we support our contract partners and, if necessary, establish cooperation with other industrial partners to ensure a successful transfer from research to industry.


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