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The TFI carries out odour testing according to ISO 16000-28. This test procedure is mandatory for the award criteria of DE-UZ 128 and for the M1 label. The sensory parameters of perceived intensity, acceptance and hedonics are determined.
Our testing method (TFI) for odor evaluation also quickly provides a statement on the sensory.
This testing method is integrated in the GUT and Blue Angel labels (DE-UZ 128) for textile floor coverings.

Odour testing according to the TFI testing method

Testing properties:

- DIN ISO 16000-28

Indoor air – Part 28: Determination of odour emissions from building products using test chambers

- TFI testing method based on the Swiss standard SNV 195651

Static evaluation method for determining odours from building products in desiccators

Suitable product types

  • textile floor coverings
Odour testing – acceptance according to DIN ISO 16000-28


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