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The static electrical propensity of floor coverings and the electrical resistances are safety-relevant characteristics. The requirements for this are defined in the respective product standards as well as in the harmonised standard for floor coverings (EN 14041). The tests are carried out in our electrostatic laboratory with a test climate of (23±2) °C and (25±2) % relative humidity.

Electrostatic behaviour - Walking test

Testing Properties

  • ISO 6356: textile and laminate floor coverings - Walking test
  • EN 1815: resilient floor coverings and laminate - Walking test
  • ISO 10965: textile floor coverings - electrical resistances
  • EN 1081: resilient floor coverings - vertical resistance
  • DIN 54345: textile floor coverings - horizontal resistance

Suitable product types

  • textile floor coverings
  • resilient floor coverings
  • laminate floor coverings
  • modular floor coverings with mechanical locking system (MMF)
  • textile fabrics
Electrical resistances. Textile flooring with cylindrical electrode


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