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All types of floor coverings have their own specific properties and requirements, which are defined in the respective product standards and specifications.
These requirements can be used to indicate the use classes.

Classification symbols for floor coverings

Testing Properties

  • EN 1307: Classification of textile floor coverings
  • EN 14215: Classification of fitted carpets and runners
  • EN 16511: Classification of modular floor coverings with mechanical locking system (MMF)
  • EN 16776: Classification of polyurethane floor coverings
  • EN ISO 10581: Classification of homogeneous PVC floor coverings
  • EN ISO 10582: Classification of heterogeneous PVC floor coverings
  • Others on request

Suitable product types

  • Textile floor coverings
  • Resilient floor coverings
  • Modular floor coverings with mechanical locking system (MMF)


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