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Detachable bio-based coating system for the lamination of textiles using the example of textile floor coverings (EcoCoat)

The Need

75% of the textile floor coverings consumed in Germany are produced using the tufting process. To anchor the pile yarns in the tufting backing, a latex coating is applied to the back (pre-coating). In the second coating step, a textile second backing (lamination coating) is applied.

When recycling textile floor coverings, a central problem is the separation of the different materials. If the coating could be detached after the end of the service life of the textile floor covering, the goal of separation for single-variety recycling could be achieved.

Project objectives

  1. Development of a biobased coating system based on biadhesive peptides and pectin or lignin as a binder for the pile bonding of the tufting raw material and lamination of the textile second backing of textile floor coverings,
  2. Introduction of a trigger mechanism for separating the individual components,
  3. Development of the production technology for application and drying
  4. Development of a separation and recycling concept.


At DWI, a tailor-made peptide adhesive with strong binding and stimuli-responsive properties for dissolving is developed. At TFI, the production technology for application and drying of the coating system is being developed. Demonstrators for benchmark comparisons are also being developed here. After the development of a separation and recycling concept, the economic and ecological evaluation of the coating system is carried out. Exemplary test series for the transferability of the new coating system to needled, woven and glued textile floor coverings will be carried out.

Funding program and project number

IGF 22593 BG


01.09.2022 – 31.08.2024



Krisztian Herman

Materials and usage behavior

Phone: 0241 -9679-130