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Construction parameters such as the thickness or weight of a floor covering clearly describe and identify a product.
In addition to these characteristics, geometric dimensions such as size and format also play an important role. During installation, the accuracy of fit and how easy the material is to work with are particularly important.

Suitable product types

  • Textile floor coverings
  • Resilient floor coverings
  • Laminate floor coverings
  • Modular floor coverings with mechanical locking system (MMF)
Determination of the thickness of a textile floor covering

Testing Properties

  • EN ISO 23996: Density of resilient floor coverings
  • EN ISO 23997: mass per unit area of resilient floor coverings
  • EN ISO 24340: thickness of layers of resilient floor coverings
  • EN ISO 24341: Length, width and straightness of sheet
  • EN ISO 24342: Side length, squareness and straightness of tiles
  • EN ISO 24346: Total thickness of resilient floor coverings
  • EN ISO 10582: Geometric dimensions of resilient planks
  • EN 13329: Geometric dimensions of laminate floor coverings
  • ISO 24337: Geometric dimensions
  • EN 14159: Dimensional tolerance for rugs and runners
  • ISO 1763: Number of tufts and loops
  • ISO 1765: Total thickness of textile floor coverings
  • ISO 1766: Thickness of pile above the substrate of textile floor coverings
  • ISO 8543: total mass per unit area, pile mass per unit area, surface pile density
  • EN 984: mass per unit area of the use surface of needled floor coverings


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Deputy Head of Certification Body

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