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Environmental influences from light, water or mechanical effects such as friction can change the colour of surfaces. We test how color resistant a product is and how it behaves in relation to environmental influences. The colour fastness and durability of the product are assessed subjectively and visually as well as by colorimetric measuring.

Light fastness, standards and sample before and after testing

Testing Properties

  • EN 17317 and BS 8493: Determination of light reflectance value LRV
  • EN ISO 105-A02 and -A03: Assessments with the grey scale
  • Colorimetric determination of colour change
  • EN ISO 105-B06: Colour fastness to artificial light at high temperatures
  • EN ISO 105-B02: Colour fastness to artificial light
  • EN ISO 105-X12: Colour fastness to rubbing
  • EN ISO 105-E01: Colour fastness to water
  • EN ISO 105-E02: Colour fastness to seawater
  • EN ISO 105-E03: Colour fastness to chlorinated water

Suitable product types

  • textile floor coverings
  • resilient floor coverings
  • laminate floor coverings
  • modular floor coverings with mechanical locking system (MMF)
  • textile floor coverings
  • coatings
  • parquet and wood floor coverings
  • home textiles
  • decorative fabrics
  • Upholstery fabrics
Water fastness, specimen with multi-fibre fabric


Dipl.-Ing. Cornelia Schiffer

Deputy Head of Certification Body

Phone: +49 241 9679-150